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Neopure Prosthetic impression Set Offer

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Neopure prosthetic impression set offer


1 NEOPURE C-Silicone Impression Material

1 NEOPURE A-Silicone Impression Material

and Get 3 pack of

Neoalgin Alginate Impression Material

C-Silicone Impression Material

Neopure Putty Base with Light Body & Catalyst Gel
• High impression accuracy and precision
• High tear strength
Balance between the working and setting time
• Pleasant taste- mint flavor & odor

A-Silicone Impression Material

• High Hydrophilicity
Great impression details are a direct result of high hydrophilicity of A-Silicone.
High Tear Strength
For a superior subgingival penetration and capturing micro details makes it important that it has high tear strength.
Great Dimensional Stability
Because of great dimensional stability, Neopure impressions can be stored for up to 30 days. Also, cold sterilization doesn't diminish its dimensional stability.
Light Body
• Ideal Working Time
Neopure allows sufficient time for mixing & placing the impression material in the patient's mouth.
• High Performance Material
Neopure will help you capture the finest details of hard and soft oral tissues. Also, it doesn't interfere with stone setting process unlike other materials or alginate.
• Adapts to Multiple Impression Techniques
Use the Neopure Putty and Light Body for Single-step or Double-step techniques as per nature of work.

alginate Impression Material

Colour change pattern: Non-chromatic
(no colour change)
Sky blue colour
Spearmint flavor for high acceptance
Dust-free formulation
Key Specifications
Mixing Time 60 sec
Working Time 30 sec
Time in Mouth 60 sec
Total Working Time 2 min 30 sec

Elastic impression
Optimum dimensional
High precision for detailed
reproduction of dental
Powder: Water Ratio 18gm: 36ml

Note : Warm water and hard water accelerates the setting time
Cold water retards the setting time.

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Manufacturer Orikam
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